Advanced Abortion Recovery Leadership

Healing Activities

Instructor: Sydna Masse & Karen Fifer
Time: 2 hour 20 minutes

Every pregnancy test performed involves a man specifically. Men represent half of the pregnancy center target audience. Unfortunately, our movement rarely reaches this audience effectively for many reasons.

We cannot begin a ministry to abortion-vulnerable men in the same vein as we minister to women. Their needs are different as well as their communication skills, emotions, fears, hopes and dreams. If women have been sold a lie about abortion, men have been sold a bigger lie.

In this video Sydna Massé shares the story of her son’s unexpected pregnancy when he was 17 years of age. She vividly outlines how these men can be educated to impact the abortion decisions of their loved ones and how his family can be dramatically impacted.

Instructor: Sydna Masse
Time: 1 hour 6 minutes

Join Sydna Massé as she delivers a compelling opening keynote that navigates the transformed landscape of abortion recovery and pregnancy center efforts in the wake of the 2022 Roe v. Wade reversal. This keynote sheds light on the history of pregnancy center/abortion recovery ministries, highlighting the shifts in approach and perspective on medication abortion usage in a post-Roe world. Sydna discusses the future of global abortion recovery outreach, the changing dynamics, and how these shifts impact those affected by or considering abortion.

Instructor: Sydna Masse
Time: 20 minutes

A woman’s family’s cultural background can impact their abortion decisions. If her family has recently moved to the US – or if she is attending school here or on a visa – it is important to realize that her abortion motivating issues may be different from other clients.

In this video, Sydna Massé shares her personal story of being a child of Irish immigrants and how it impacted her abortion decision. She also shares ways your ministry efforts can understand the various cultural dynamics that impact your community to be better equipped to understand the abortion motivating factors of immigrants and/or first-generation Americans.

Instructor: Cathy Plouff, Yvonne Brewer, Melissa Horton
Time: 1 hour 6 minutes

In this video, Sydna Massé offers information on sharing with the abortion-vulnerable client the following scientific aspects of pregnancy and how a potential abortion can impact them in the future:

Cellular Impact – Microchimerism

Biological Impact:

• Hormonal Changes – Oxytocin
• Breast Tissue Development
• Lactation • Post-Partum Depression

Additional Video on Microchimerism – “Why You Cannot Forget the Child You Lost to Abortion” –

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