Centerton, Arkansas Pregnancy Center and Abortion Recovery Training Seminar Schedule


Sydna Masse


First Baptist Church

351 W Centerton Blvd

Centerton, AR 72719

Session 1

Thursday, July 26, 2018

(Time: 12:00 pm – 7:30 pm)

Abortion Recovery Training & Online Ministry using

Session 2

Friday, July 27, 2018

(Time: 9:15 am – 4:00 pm)

Reaching Abortion-Vulnerable Millennial Men & Women


Session 1 – Basic and Advanced Abortion Recovery Training  and Learning how to use the free website to help clients heal after abortion.

Session 1 topics include:

  • How to Minister On-Line using the new website,
  • Understanding Abortion Demographics and Statistics and more!
  • Advertising and Social Media Strategies to Reach Abortion’s Wounded Hearts
  • The Heart of Forgiveness
  • Two Breakout Sessions – New Abortion Recovery Leadership Training or Advanced Leadership Networking

Session 2 – Become more effective in life-affirming pregnancy center ministry – particularly among those who have already chosen abortion. Client handouts and charts are included along with a detailed training manual that contains complete seminar notes.

Session 2 topics include:

  • Common Issues of Post-Abortive Women – detailing mindsets, thinking processes, fears, etc.
  • Effective Communication & Advertising for Millennial & IGen abortion-vulnerable individuals,
  • Determining client’s Level of Abortion Vulnerability,
  • Educating clients on the Cellular and Biological Impact of Abortion
  • The Grief Impact of Ultrasound Scans with both male and female post-abortive clients,
  • How a Family’s Cultural Background Impacts their Abortion Decisions,
  • The Traumatic Impact of Medication Abortion over Surgical Abortion Procedures,
  • Four Masculine mindsets that impact abortion decisions and how to reach male hearts,
  • When They Make the Wrong Choice and Abort Anyway – An outline of pregnancy center trauma & an effective healing model when our clients choose abortion despite our life-affirming efforts.

Cost: $25.00 - 75.00

Multiple attendee discounts available!

Training manual and meal!

Printable Seminar Brochure
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.pdf   (Adobe PDF)

Hosting a Ramah seminar is very easy but does involve a little work. The first steps in considering hosting a Ramah seminar is to contact Sydna Masse to discuss the possibilities by e-mailing sydna at [email protected] or call: 479.445.6070

Ramah International was formed in December of 1997 by Sydna A. Massé. Sydna was working for Focus on the Family at this time, managing their “Crisis Pregnancy Ministries” division under the direction of
H.B. London, Jr.