Denver, Colorado Pregnancy Center Training Seminar Schedule

Friday, August 11, 2017 – 9:15 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
The Crossing Church
3501 W. 104th Ave.
Westminster, CO 80031 (Near Denver)


Sydna Masse

Training Schedule

9:30 – 10:30

10:45 – 2:45

3:00 – 4:00

First Session: Understanding Post-Abortive People.

Second Session (Breaks & Lunch included) – Ministering to the Abortion-Vulnerable

Last Session: Handling Your Heart When They Abort Anyway

Topics Include

  • Millennial Mindsets, & Communication Skills – An outline of how millennial individuals think, act and communication as well as the best ways to reach them through advertising and social media.
  • Abortion-Vulnerable Criteria Determination – How to identify from body language and initial discussion who is impacting an abortion decision and the categories that contribute to abortion-vulnerability.
  • The Lifecycle of an Abortion Decision – An outline of the lifecycle of an abortion decision in the average post-abortive client and how and why they consider abortion again and again.
  • The Emotional Impact of Ultrasound Exams in Post-Abortive Hearts – Understanding how an ultrasound can shatter denial about a past abortion decision and how to minister to these hearts.
  • Cultural & Heritage Impact on Abortion Decisions – Individuals with a Middle Eastern background are very different from those with an American or European heritage. In this session, Sydna will outline ways to better understand the cultural aspects of your community in order to minister to abortion-vulnerable clients.
  • Traumatic Impact of Medication Abortion – over Surgical Abortion Procedures – An in-depth outline on medication abortion, how it impacts post-abortion trauma and ways to educate clients about its potential impact at a spiritual, psychological, emotional and spiritual level.

And much more…

Cost: $50.00

Detailed Effective Ministry to the Abortion Vulnerable training manual and lunch!

Printable Seminar Brochure
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Hosting a Ramah seminar is very easy but does involve a little work. The first steps in considering hosting a Ramah seminar is to contact Sydna Masse to discuss the possibilities by e-mailing sydna at [email protected] or call: 479.445.6070

Ramah International was formed in December of 1997 by Sydna A. Massé. Sydna was working for Focus on the Family at this time, managing their “Crisis Pregnancy Ministries” division under the direction of
H.B. London, Jr.