Hosting A Seminar

Hosting a Ramah seminar is very easy but does involve a little work.
The first steps in considering hosting a Ramah seminar is to contact Sydna Masse to discuss the possibility by e-mailing her at [email protected] or calling 479-445-6070. Duties typically involve securing a seminar location, assisting with the distribution of promotional materials, securing speaker housing,helping with registration at the event and arranging for the seminar lunch. In return for your assistance, Ramah will provide you with two complimentary registrations and more! Below more details on those duties.

Before the Seminar

Seminar Location
Ramah seminars are normally held in churches that provide space at no cost. The seminar can be held in either a multi-purpose room or the sanctuary of the church. Tables in multi-purpose rooms are a wonderful addition to the seminar but not necessary if space does not permit.

If utilizing a multi-purpose room, it is requested that Ramah be allowed use of the sanctuary for the memorial service only. However, memorial services can certainly be coordinated in the same room as the seminar. Ramah is happy to provide the church with free registration for any of their staff who would like to attend the seminar.

Promotional Process

  • Ramah will provide hosting organization with a promotional piece in Word format as well as a mailing list for centers within a five hour range of the seminar location.
  • The hosting center should e-mail the promotional piece with 6-8 weeks before the event and follow up with centers within a 3 hour driving range a month before the date to ensure they are aware of the seminar.
  • Ramah will also promote the event on their web site as well as in e-mail promotions and various mailings. Ramah provides the hosting center with two free registrations to cover any promotional expenses.


  • The hosting center is responsible for registering guests at the beginning of the seminar. Ramah will provide the local hosting center with an excel file of attendees in order to facilitate the registration process.


  • Lunch for the event must be under $8 and include coffee, tea and water (including sugar, cream, etc). Coffee with caffeine is a required beverage at Ramah events. Ramah International will pay the caterer directly at the event. If the center determines to assist with lunch and not use a caterer, they must purchase all required items (paper plates, cups, etc.) for the event.If the hosting center purchases lunch items directly (i.e., deli platters, etc.), please retain your receipts for reimbursement by Ramah.
  • Normally the hosting center provides breakfast items (i.e., orange juice, creamer, cups, muffins, bagels, etc.) for attendees as well as any tablecloths.

Speaker Transportation and Housing
The hosting event will provide Ramah’s seminar speakers with food, transportation and housing while they are in town.

At the Seminar


  • Hosting center agrees to provide 2-3 staff members to assist with registration (8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.).
  • Ramah also requests that the hosting center provide name tags. Ramah will provide a final list of registered guests for the name tag development process.

PowerPoint Screen
Ramah International requires the use of a projector for PowerPoint displays during the seminar sessions. A large viewing screen is needed in the seminar room where the PowerPoint can be displayed. A separate projector is also required for the secondary session, if offered.

Sound System
The speaker’s voice needs to be amplified in some way. If sound equipment is not available in the room where the seminar is scheduled to be held, consider bringing in an amplifier and a microphone set up. Churches normally have this equipment in other parts of the church.

Memorial Service Needs

  • 100 Tea light candles – these can be purchased at Target for under $5
  • One larger candle (can be used)
  • Lighter(s) that are easy to use for lighting the tea light candles
  • Ability to play cdsand a video during the memorial service
  • Assistance in handing out programs

Exhibit Area
Two 6 foot tables are needed. We prefer these to be located in a central spot near the conference room. One person is needed to man the booth during the seminar break sessions and lunch. Ramah requests this person arrive at 8:00 a.m. in order to be briefed by speaker as to the resources available and procedures. This individual will receive a free registration and lunch for their services and need not miss any of the seminar content. It is expected, however, that this person monitor the table and provide immediate assistance to anyone desiring to purchase items.

Contact Sydna Masse today to discuss how to bring this valuable seminar into your area!

Topics Include:

  • Millennial Mindsets, & Communication Skills – An outline of how millennial individuals think, act and communication as well as the best ways to reach them through advertising and social media.
  • Abortion-Vulnerable Criteria Determination – How to identify from body language and initial discussion who is impacting an abortion decision and the categories that contribute to abortion-vulnerability.
  • The Lifecycle of an Abortion Decision – An outline of the lifecycle of an abortion decision in the average post-abortive client and how and why they consider abortion again and again.
  • The Emotional Impact of Ultrasound Exams in Post-Abortive Hearts – Understanding how an ultrasound can shatter denial about a past abortion decision and how to minister to these hearts.
  • Cultural & Heritage Impact on Abortion Decisions – Individuals with a Middle Eastern background are very different from those with an American or European heritage. In this session, Sydna will outline ways to better understand the cultural aspects of your community in order to minister to abortion-vulnerable clients.
  • Traumatic Impact of Medication Abortion – over Surgical Abortion Procedures – An in-depth outline on medication abortion, how it impacts post-abortion trauma and ways to educate clients about its potential impact at a spiritual, psychological, emotional and spiritual level.
  • And much more…

Specific Audio Visual NeedsMain Room (Sydna’s Session):

  • Two microphones with amplifying ability (label mike preferred but not required)
  • Powerpoint projector
  • Computer to run powerpoint projector
  • Powerpoint screen
  • Ability to run a dvd on the powerpoint screen
  • Ability to run cds for memorial service
  • Podium
  • Small table for Sydna’s laptop
  • 2 – 6 foot exhibit tables

Theater style is acceptable if session is held in a general sanctuary. If the session is held in a gym of multi-purpose room, a set up with tables is preferred.

Secondary Room for post-abortion session

  • One microphone and amplifier would be preferred but necessary only if sound in this smaller room is not good
  • Podium
  • Projector and Screen

Lunch (12:30 – 1:15)

Tables are required for lunch.

Memorial (3:30 – 4:00)

  • Ability to feature one DVD presentation
  • Large table – this will feature the tea-light candles
  • Ability to light candles
  • Ability to play musical cds

Comments from Attendees of Ramah International Seminars“I am very new to this and just to have the inside look and description of post-abortion pain was powerful. This seminar definitely gave me a better understanding of the mindset of the post-abortive client and good questions to ask to help her. Thank you for the notes that were written out! Sydna, your testimony was powerful!”

“This seminar was helpful because it provided personal examples through stories, a comprehensive manual with a presentation that was very easy to relate to and understand. I feel more comfortable talking to abortion-vulnerable clients because I am now more prepared with information and tools!”

“The testimony and the ministry that has been built through Ramah International is very inspiring. This seminar has given me a lot to think about. I have realized things that I need to say to do that I had not even thought about before!”

“This seminar was helpful because I learned how to better talk to women who come into our center who are post-abortive. I now realize the need for sensitivity and discernment when building relationships with abortion-vulnerable clients. Keep doing what you are doing! This was very good!”

“This session as better prepared me for speaking to these women and how to ask good questions!’

“The seminar was helpful because it provided various tools to get our clients talking. It gave me their perspective and not mine!”

“I learned more about the circumstances surrounding the escalating sin behavior, especially after sexual abuse. The practical scripts, procedure timelines, the “Abortion Pros and Cons” lists were great. But I needed to hear Sydna’s raw and honest personal abortion testimony concerning what women actually experience in abortion clinics. “

“The prayer that was given after Sydna’s testimony about how we should be “on fire” for helping these women really touched me deeply and I’m forever grateful. This seminar made me realize that I may be too nervous to speak out but this is a human life and it’s worth fighting for!”

“Learned more about what to ask and say to abortion-vulnerable clients was very helpful! I never feel like I can help but now I know that God can use me with these women!”

“Everything was very easy to understand and the manual notes will help me to dig deeper and become more relatable to these clients. I am even more confident about talking to women about their past abortions!”

“I enjoyed the understanding of the mindset of the millennial generation which will help me to understand in a better way the perspective of our clients. It was particularly great to hear how we can more effectively impact the clients who have negative pregnancy tests!”

“Sydna’s personal abortion testimony help me to “see” a little of what they experience is like. I had never realized the depth of pain that women experience in abortion clinics. When Sydna shared about her experience in the abortion “recovery room” I was impacted deeply.”

“It was invaluable to learn how we should talk and act around abortion vulnerable people. To know their viewpoints and ideals will help me more effectively minister to their hearts!”

“This seminar helped better prepare me to minister with the information and handouts provided in the training manual. I feel much more confident about sharing this with clients. Thank you for being obedient and sharing your story with so many hurting women. My prayers are with you!”

“I realized that I personally need to go through an abortion recovery program. I am eager to share what I’ve learned with our clients. It’s not about me and I will trust the Holy Spirit’s guidance!”

“The section about the impact of oxytocin was very interesting and I will share about it when addressing abstinence presentations!”

“Visiting with other center volunteers and staff was a first for me. I now have more knowledge of abortion pain and it’s after effects as well as how to understand them as opposed to judging them.”

“I enjoyed the personal stories and the demographic information about our clients that I had not realized before the seminar. Sydna’s style is very personable and engaging. It’s also fun to get together with other women who do this work!”

Contact Sydna Masse today to discuss how to bring this valuable seminar into your area!