Can’t Attend a Ramah Seminar?

Can’t Attend a Ramah Seminar? Ramah International is available to help everyone learn more about abortion recovery and abortion-vulnerable ministry. If you can’t attend a scheduled event, here are other ways to obtain training:

Direct Consulting Services

It is always comforting to know that you have someone to contact for direct assistance when unique ministry situations arise. Ramah is pleased to introduce professional consulting services for both start-up and existing ministries working with abortion-vulnerable or post-abortive individuals.

Ramah’s consulting fees are affordable and allow access to veteran ministry leaders who can assist in various areas of life-affirming ministry development. Don’t feel alone in ministry leadership. Allow Ramah International’s team to assist you!

Consulting Fee Schedule:
$150.00 – First hour

$100.00 – Each Additional Hour


Consulting services are available by phone, Skype and/or on-site (travel expenses are additional to consulting fees).

Ramah’s consulting fees support the overall work of Ramah International to allow us to continue to equip you to offer the hope of God’s healing to those impacted by either a past or future abortion decision.

For more information, contact Ramah International by email at [email protected]

Consider Hosting a Seminar

Ramah International can certain consider offering a seminar in your area in the future. Hosting a seminar is easy and affordable and can be used to help educate individuals around your community to become more effective in life-affirming ministry.
For more information, visit Hosting A Seminar

Order a review copy of Ramah’s abortion recovery program!

Abortion Recovery Program Review Copy

Product Information
Special suggested donation rate of $49.95 Free Shipping!
This program includes Sydna’s book, Her Choice to Heal, a copy of the Her Choice to Heal Recovery Guide and the devotional, Journey in Ramah.

Book — Start your journey in assisting those hearts that have come to regret their abortion experience by reading Sydna Massé book, Her Choice to Heal: Finding Spiritual and Emotional Peace After Abortion. This book allows the non-post-abortive individual to understand why women chose abortion and the pain many often endure in the years that follow.

Abortion Recovery Guide — Ramah’s Her Choice to Heal Recovery Guide accompanies the book in going deeper into the recovery process.

Her Choice to Heal Leader’s Manual — is packed with forms, information and most importantly, the answers that are sought in the weekly homework assignments.

Devotional — To understand the healing journey, A Journey in Ramah is a daily devotional that outlines the emotions many women experience as it relates to topics like mourning, grief, forgiveness, etc. This devotional is a great way to help you understand family members who may be post-abortive and gain a deeper understanding in how to help them. This resource offers in-depth personal testimony about the author’s personal journey through the pain of abortion. Sydna takes the time to answer the many questions the reader many be contemplating and some she may have not considered. These questions include:

“Will God forgive me?”

“Can I ever be whole again?”

“Will my child hate me when I get to Heaven?”

“Do I need to tell my family members about my abortion?”

“Can this pain ever end?”

“Am I going crazy because I’m crying all the time?”

The 60-day format coincides in a topical weekly format with various Bible studies (i.e., anger, grief, denial, etc.). Understanding that Scripture is a powerful healing tool, A Journey in Ramah offers a daily scripture reading program and a weekly memory verse to enhance the Lord’s ability to minister to these wounded hearts through His Word. This resource provides personal support to the reader and encourages them to continue their journey towards healing through Christ. A Journey in Ramah is not only a perfect companion to any post-abortion ministry program, it also is perfect to help others understand the mindset of the woman who is grieving a past abortion.

Take advantage of the free on-line video and audio recordings from past Ramah International Seminars!

Ramah International is blessed to be able to provide training videos of Ramah’s conference workshops, keynote speakers and webinars free of charge. These video and audio recordings cover varying topics that will help pregnancy resource centers and abortion recovery ministries train and equip both new and cover varying topics that will help pregnancy resource centers and post-abortion ministries train and equip both new and veteran workers.

Topics addressed are cutting edge and relate to many levels pregnancy resource center ministry including — “Recognizing and Fighting Spiritual Warfare,” “Post Abortion Group Supplemental Tools,” “Post Abortion Syndrome Ministry Within the Church,” “Sharing the Secret of Abortion” and many others. Be sure to visit often as we will be adding more video and audio files as time and materials allow.

As always, Ramah International seeks to serve you as economically as possible. We are supported by the tax-deductible donations and the hand of God. Please prayerfully consider a donation to Ramah to assist us in bringing more of these resources to the assistance of those involved in the work to end abortion, one life at a time.

Video Libraries
Audio Libraries

Hosting a Ramah seminar is very easy but does involve a little work. The first steps in considering hosting a Ramah seminar is to contact Sydna Masse to discuss the possibilities by e-mailing sydna at [email protected] or call: 479.445.6070

Ramah International was formed in December of 1997 by Sydna A. Massé. Sydna was working for Focus on the Family at this time, managing their “Crisis Pregnancy Ministries” division under the direction of
H.B. London, Jr.