Ramah International
Pregnancy Center Training Seminar
July 26-27, 2018 Centerton, Arkansas



First Baptist Church
351 W Centerton Blvd
Centerton, Arkansas (Near Bentonville, AR XNA Airport)

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Session 1 – Learn how to use the free herchoicetoheal.com abortion recovery website to help clients heal after abortion. Session 1 topics include the emotions of abortion healing, helping on-line, advertising and much more!

Session 2 – Become more effective in life-affirming pregnancy center ministry – particularly among those who have already chosen abortion. Client handouts and charts are included along with a detailed training manual that contains complete seminar notes.

Session 2 topics include:

  • Common Issues of Post-Abortive Women – detailing mindsets, thinking processes, fears, etc.
  • Effective Communication & Advertising for Millennial & IGen abortion-vulnerable individuals,
  • Determining client’s Level of Abortion Vulnerability & the Lifecycle of an Abortion Decision,
  • Educating clients on the Cellular and Biological Impact of Abortion (handout – “Are You Healthy Enough for Abortion?),
  • The Grief Impact of Ultrasound Scans with both male and female post-abortive clients,
  • How a Family’s Cultural Background Impacts their Abortion Decisions,
  • The Traumatic Impact of Medication Abortion over Surgical Abortion Procedures,
  • Four Masculine mindsets that impact abortion decisions and how to reach male hearts,
  • When They Make the Wrong Choice and Abort Anyway – An outline of pregnancy center trauma & an effective healing model when our clients choose abortion despite our life-affirming efforts.