Seminar Topics

Ministering More Effectively to Abortion-Vulnerable Men and Women

Current statistics from the abortion industry outline that at current rates, 33% of all American women will experience abortion at least once in their life time. Of those 33% that chose abortion, an estimated 44% will chose abortion multiple times. These statistics outline that nearly half of all pregnancy center clients could already be post-abortive. These particular clients have different needs from those who have never considered abortion in the past.

Addressing a past abortion decision within a client ministry session can often be difficult for those who have not made this choice personally. Ramah’s seminars are designed to equip and educate non-post-abortive ministry individuals in how these wounded hearts think and react to various pro-life messages.

The goal of this training session is to increase the comfort zone of ministry advocates in both addressing a past abortion as well as understanding why women make this choice. Also included are more effective ways to communicate the life message. Sydna Massé helps life advocates understand how to use the spiritual, psychological, physical & emotional effects of the abortion choice with both male and female abortion-minded pregnancy center clients. Special information is also presented relating to how an ultrasound can emotionally impact post-abortive clients and how to respond to these reactions positively and compassionately.


Other topics covered during this seminar include:

  • The “Life Cycle” of an abortion decision
  • Cultural aspects of pregnancy center client (gender-based sex selection issues)
  • Communication strategies with abortion-vulnerable clients (internet, smartphones, e-mail, texting, Facebook, etc.),
  • Levels of abortion-determined mindsets and how to work with them,
  • Sexual abuse concerns,
  • Details on various abortion “influencers” and their impact on ministry efforts
  • Family dynamics related to abortion-vulnerable clients,
  • Ultrasound’s powerful role in breaking the denial in post-abortive hearts,
  • Transitioning post-abortive hearts into recovery classes,

Basic Abortion Recovery Facilitator Training

In a separate optional session that take place along-side the abortion-vulnerable session, abortion recovery facilitator training can also be offered. Utilizing various Ramah team leaders, this session is designed to equip individuals who have a desire to minister to post-abortive men and women. The content addresses all areas of abortion recovery ministry development as it relates to helping men and women find God’s healing grace.


Session topics include:

  • Post-Abortion Syndrome (PAS) defined and explained
  • Understanding the emotions of healing
  • A detailed outline of the stages of grief
  • Overview of group dynamics and administration for new abortion recovery facilitators.

Ramah’s basic abortion recovery training is unique. While other training programs educate primarily on how to use a particular Bible study, Ramah equips you with the skills to minister using a wide-variety of recovery programs. This aspect allows more detailed understanding of the post-abortive in general versus using a specific program.

Hosting a Ramah seminar is very easy but does involve a little work. The first steps in considering hosting a Ramah seminar is to contact Sydna Masse to discuss the possibilities by e-mailing sydna at [email protected] or call: 479.445.6070

Ramah International was formed in December of 1997 by Sydna A. Massé. Sydna was working for Focus on the Family at this time, managing their “Crisis Pregnancy Ministries” division under the direction of
H.B. London, Jr.