Sharing Your Abortion Story

By now most of you have already watched my abortion story as well as the story of how God healed this pain in my heart. Now it’s your turn to record your own story.

Writing out your story may sound like a huge task because it requires remembering a difficult moment in your life. If there is another way you prefer to record this experience (i.e., on video), that is perfectly fine also.

In compiling your abortion story, you will be able to understand where you were when you made this choice. Be sure to pray and ask God to help you remember this period in your life with clarity.

There are several topics that you may want to include to help get you started. These are as follows:

Your Child’s Conception – Outline the story of how you got pregnant. Include everything you can remember that happened before, during and after your aborted child’s conception.

How I Discovered I was Pregnant – Share the details about the days leading up to your pregnancy test and how people – particularly the potential father of your baby – reacted and responded. Record anything that comes to mind when you think back on those moments in your life.

How I Made the Abortion Decision – This part of your story would include a list of people that you told about your pregnancy and how they responded to your news. Also include their recommendation either for or against abortion. Also include any internet searches you may have done and what you learned about abortion at that time.

Your Abortion Experience – This section of your story would include which form of abortion you chose – surgical or medication – and the location of the abortion clinic. Include how you felt that day before you arrived as well as the comments people made who may have accompanied you to the abortion clinic. Then outline the abortion experienced itself – how it felt and any thoughts you can remember. Finally, include your departure from the clinic and how you felt at an emotional level in the days that followed. Include a synopsis of any conversations you may have had with friends and family immediately after your abortion.

How Your Abortion Changed You – Go back to the list of Abortion PTSD symptoms and list out those symptoms that you experienced. Write about how your life was impacted by this choice, whether you went on to abort other children as well as what brought you to considering the healing process.

If You Can’t Remember – Many times, particularly when anesthesia is used, women can struggle to remember anything about their abortion experience. That is perfectly normal. Since abortion is often a denied truth, we often work to forget it ever happened. But something did happen, and your life was impacted. Record as much as you can remember and don’t be overwhelmed at any lack of details. Don’t be surprised if over the next few days memories suddenly come into your heart about this period in your life. Record as much information as your heart can relay.

If you have no one in your life to share this story with, please know that the Ramah team is ready to help you begin the process of remembering this story. Feel free to contact us at any time.