Abortion Vulnerable

Abortion Vulnerable Workshops

Workshop A – Spiritual Warfare Unveiled: Understanding and Safeguarding Your Ministry Efforts – Sydna Massé – LIVE

Sydna Massé will address the often-overlooked realm of spiritual warfare within pregnancy center and abortion recovery ministry in this workshop. Drawing inspiration from the timeless wisdom found in Galatians 5, Sydna will illuminate the significance of the “Fruits of the Spirit” in discerning potential threats to your vital work. Through insightful analysis and practical guidance, she will empower the audience to recognize and address these challenges with Godly clarity and confidence.

Sydna will shed light on the subtle yet formidable presence of the Jezebel Persona, which may infiltrate the hearts of board members, staff, and volunteers within ministries. By identifying and understanding this insidious influence, you will be equipped to safeguard the integrity of your mission and foster a culture of spiritual resilience and discernment.

Workshop B Compassionate Guidance: Supporting Individuals Facing Abortion Decisions – Sydna Massé

Join our workshop tailored to equip pregnancy team members working with individuals considering abortion. Topics encompass a balanced exploration of abortion pros and cons, introducing the common post-abortion issues, and the trauma associated with both medication and surgical procedures. Delve into the lifecycle of an abortion decision, the emotional impact of ultrasound scans, and address past abortion experiences when client is considering another. Additionally, explore aspects such as abortion anesthesia and pain management, and transitioning clients to abortion recovery programs.

This workshop serves as a valuable resource for understanding the motivations and influences behind abortion decisions and providing support towards life-affirming choices for unplanned pregnancies.

Workshop C How Culture Influences an Abortion DecisionSydna Masse, Jessica Deece, and Melissa Rodriguez

This workshop delves into how culture, encompassing beliefs, traditions, and societal norms, profoundly shapes abortion decisions. Explore how cultural perspectives, including sexuality and religion, impact individuals’ choices. Delve into diverse religious and ethical considerations within cultural contexts. Analyze the influence of stigma, societal pressures, and community expectations on abortion attitudes. Understand how cultural support systems and interpersonal relationships affect decision-making processes. Recognize the intersectionality of race, ethnicity, and socio-economic status in shaping abortion experiences. Join us for an enlightening exploration of how culture shapes one of life’s most complex decisions and gain insights to better communicate and support clients in this journey.

Workshop D – Adoption Redefined – Sydna Masse, Hannah & Marlene Strege – LIVE

This session will challenge the common misconceptions that adoption is a secondary choice for families seeking to expand. It also examines the role of pregnancy centers in encouraging adoption among clients and donors. It will delve into the diverse landscape of adoption and encouraging embryo adoption in your local community.

Gain insights into the demographic profile of children awaiting adoption both nationally and internationally, explore the complexities behind the decisions of couples and individuals who opt out of adoption. This workshop fosters an adoption-positive environment, introducing inclusive language and shedding light on the significance of Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) and attachment theory in the post-adoption journey. Join us as we champion the belief that adoption is a journey of equal worth and profound fulfillment.

Workshop Session E – Determining Level of Client Vulnerability/Lifecycle of Abortion – Karen Fifer

In the delicate environment of pregnancy centers, it is uncommon for women to explicitly express contemplation of abortion. Often, even those who initially resolve to carry to term can find themselves facing unexpected vulnerabilities in choosing abortion. This workshop explores the concept of universal abortion vulnerability, emphasizing the importance of treating each client with the understanding that she may face intense external pressures or challenging prenatal diagnoses in the future.

Participants will learn strategies to effectively support and empower their clients, reducing the impact of external influences and fostering resilience against the pressures that may arise after leaving the center. Join us to enhance your approach in providing compassionate, informed care to every woman you serve.