Workshop Videos

In-Depth Day Topics

Advanced Abortion Recovery Training – This two-part workshop, led by Sydna Massé and Karen Fifer, covers these topics: common issues for women after abortion; a general overview of; unwrapping an abortion story; helping them shatter sexual soul ties; best ways to facilitate healing (online, at retreats, in groups, or one-on-one).

Fundamentals of Abortion Recovery for New Leaders – Melissa Horton facilitates this two-part workshop designed to develop new leaders in abortion recovery. Topics include: the emotions of healing (denial, shame, guilt, anger, forgiveness, and mourning), ministry administration, policies and procedures, healing activities, advertising to reach hearts, and ongoing ministry after initial healing.

Fundamentals of Pregnancy & Infant Loss MinistryTracey Olsen and Janet Caldon offer an introduction to a new pregnancy and infant loss ministry program, Weathering the Storm, during this session. They will share their experience in combining abortion recovery and miscarriage ministry under their center’s pregnancy loss program. This in-depth session will provide an overview of the new Weathering the Storm program, in both a weekly and weekend format, equipping attendees to offer this level of ministry.

Overcoming Abortion Judgment – Sydna Massé One of the most daunting challenges for people who have experienced abortion is being labeled a “killer” or a “murderer” in public arenas and/or private conversations. Since disparaging terms will continue to be used in relation to those who chose abortion, this workshop will provide ways to understand, cope along with steps to take or recommend in the face of traumatizing abortion judgement. This includes ways to depersonalize these attacks, understanding the potential root pain of those making these condemning labels and God’s overall perspective on judgment at any level.

Implementing Abortion Recovery Ministry Services in Unconventional Environments – Facilitated by Yvonne Brewer, this workshop provides a comprehensive guide to introducing abortion recovery ministry services into unique venues such as correctional facilities (jails/prisons), nursing homes, etc. The seminar covers a range of themes, including: identifying ministry opportunities; witnessing to staff/volunteers in these settings; building a ministry foundation, laying the groundwork and planning the content for ministry efforts.

Abortion and Breast Cancer – What You Need to Know – In this workshop, Heather Molden provides a unique opportunity to broaden your knowledge about the potential relationship between abortion and breast cancer. This session outlines existing research, critically evaluates claims, and assists in your discussions of potential breast cancer issues with both post-abortive and abortion-vulnerable women.

Trauma Tools –  During this workshop, Melissa Hammock will discuss: an overview of the traumatic impact of surgical and medication abortions on the healing process; comforting survivors of sexual abuse; navigating our own personal trauma when hearing difficult stories; identifying suitable professional counseling resources when needed; and a question-and-answer session.

Sex, Marriage, and Abortion – Abortion can often cast a long shadow on future marital intimacy. In this session, Karen Fifer will examine the ripple effects of abortion on marital relationships. Key areas of focus include: identifying signs of post-abortion sexual dysfunction, sharing narratives of regained wholeness, exploring the impact of on husbands, and visualizing the path to a revitalized marriage bed. An Overview & Practical Strategies for Ministry Integration – During this workshop, Sydna Massé will share the story of website – an interactive online abortion recovery program that has revolutionized the healing journey after abortion since its debut in 2017. She will provide a detailed overview of the nine modules to understand this website’s structure, content, and transformative resources. Practical strategies for effectively incorporating this unique, freely accessible website into the current ministry outreach will be included.

The Little Toe of Anger: Types, Defense Mechanisms, and Healing Strategies Melissa Horton will discuss the managing of anger after abortion during this session. She will discuss the different facets of anger, its interaction with various defense mechanisms, and effective techniques to release and manage this potent emotion. It also emphasizes the importance of healing, offering various activities designed to release pent-up anger to help women in breaking the strongholds of anger, and fostering healthier emotional responses.

Designing Effective Retreat Models – Featuring the new Her Choice to Heal Weekend and Weathering the Storm retreat programs, Karen Fifer, Janet Caldon and Tracey Olsen will offer practical guidelines for creating an impactful retreat-based format for your ministry initiatives. Key considerations in participant selection will be discussed, followed by the potential pre- or post-retreat care services to enhance your program’s efficacy. Hear first-hand accounts of how God has used retreats to bring about transformation in the lives of our presenters and deliberate the pros and cons of housing and meal options.

Effective Leadership in Lay Ministry & Client Support – This workshop outlines the unique challenges of lay-ministry leaders in providing non-professional counseling support. Melissa Hammock will equip you with the tools to effectively guide and place clients in one-on-one or group contexts. Learn how to navigate sensitive topics that may arise in group settings – including sexual abuse, addiction, and the aftereffects of traumatic events such as abortion following rape or abuse. Also addressed are ways to develop an effective referral network to professional counseling services.

Shattering Sexual Soul Ties – Scripture underscores the profound implications of sexual relationships outside of marriage. These encounters often lead to the formation of deep “soul ties.” Join Sydna Massé as she delves into her personal journey of breaking these spiritual connections, recounting her experiences from her abortion recovery class and her candid conversations with her husband, Tom. This workshop will provide attendees with a comprehensive healing roadmap and will also discuss the integration of this vital step into the broader abortion recovery process. Attendees will leave empowered with knowledge and tools to address these profound connections.

Empowering Emotional and Spiritual Abortion Recovery with “Healing Activities” – This workshop brings together a distinguished panel of veteran leaders (Melissa Horton, Cathy Plouff, and Yvonne Brewer) to discuss the impact of “Healing Activities” within ministry programs. Drawing upon their expertise, they will share practical/interactive techniques and tools to support emotional recovery that reveals God’s transformative power in assisting individuals in comprehending and processing their emotions.

After the Group Ministry CareMelissa Hammock provides a detailed format of a monthly follow up for those who have completed a healing class or are involved in the abortion recovery ministry program during this workshop. Topics include stress, grief, early sexualization recovery, and recognizing burnout. The session will summarize Beyond Regret: Living Victorious After Abortion and provide valuable resources like healing books, podcasts, and Scriptures to assist in managing ongoing healing work.

Unraveling the Emotional Impact of Denial, Guilt, and Shame After Abortion – Karen Fifer will delve into the emotional complexities of denial, guilt, and shame, in the context of post-abortion experiences. This session will offer in-depth perspectives on these emotions, focusing on their distinct characteristics, manifestations, and impacts. Also explored are the symptoms that indicate the presence of denial and the dynamic tension between guilt and shame, highlighting their differences and similarities. Healing Activities aimed to foster deeper healing through spiritual growth and the strengthening of one’s relationship with God will also be reviewed.