Workshop Schedules

Workshop A Sessions – Thursday, October 10 – 1:45-3:15 p.m.

Retreat Healing Class (Green Room) – Melissa Horton & Bettina Loughman 

Abortion Recovery Track – Healing the Extended Wounds of Abortion – Men & Grandparents – Karen Fifer

Abortion’s impact resonates beyond the women directly involved, affecting family members, and loved ones in profound ways. This workshop delves into the often-unspoken grief experienced by fathers, grandparents, siblings, and others touched by the decision. This includes a discussion of the tapestry of emotions that many endure that are frequently undefined and unaddressed. Through insightful discussions and guidance, Karen Fifer will provide strategies for offering support and creating spaces for healing conversations. Join us to learn how to minister effectively to those who may feel isolated in their experiences with abortion.

Abortion-Vulnerable Track – Spiritual Warfare Unveiled: Understanding and Safeguarding Your Ministry Efforts – Sydna Massé

Sydna Massé will address the often-overlooked realm of spiritual warfare within pregnancy center and abortion recovery ministry in this workshop. Drawing inspiration from the timeless wisdom found in Galatians 5, Sydna will illuminate the significance of the “Fruits of the Spirit” in discerning potential threats to your vital work. Through insightful analysis and practical guidance, she will empower the audience to recognize and address these challenges with Godly clarity and confidence.

Sydna will shed light on the subtle yet formidable presence of the Jezebel Persona, which may infiltrate the hearts of board members, staff, and volunteers within ministries. By identifying and understanding this insidious influence, you will be equipped to safeguard the integrity of your mission and foster a culture of spiritual resilience and discernment.

Pregnancy Center Leadership Track – Wrap Around Care Model – Part 1 of 2 – Jessica Deece

Join Jessica Deece, Executive Director of Coastal Choices in Deland, FL, as she features a new model for holistic ministry in this enlightening workshop with the transformative model of Wrap-Around Care. This innovative approach harmonizes medical and social services, offering holistic support to clients navigating pregnancy decisions.

Discover how the Wrap-Around Care Model enables centers to provide comprehensive support to both abortion-minded and abortion-determined clients without overwhelming the center’s capacities. Gain insights into implementing this model seamlessly within your organization and fostering a nurturing environment for clients in need

Note: This is part one of a two-part workshop series on the “wrap-around” ministry model.

Workshop B Sessions – Thursday, October 10 – 3:30 – 5:00 p.m.

Retreat Healing Class (Green Room) – Melissa Horton & Bettina Loughman 

Abortion Recovery Track – Reclaiming Intimacy: Sex, Abortion and Marriage – Karen Fifer

Sexual dysfunction following an abortion is a private struggle that many couples face, yet it is seldom discussed. This hidden issue can deeply affect the marital union, challenging the fulfillment and closeness that marriage is meant to provide. This workshop aims to break the silence on this often-taboo subject, offering strategies to help participants address sexual healing both in the context of marriage and for single women. Join us to learn compassionate approaches to fostering healing and rediscovering oneness, aligning with God’s intent for deep, meaningful relationships.

Abortion Vulnerable Track – Compassionate Guidance: Supporting Individuals Facing Abortion Decisions – Sydna Massé

Join our workshop tailored to equip pregnancy team members working with individuals considering abortion. Topics encompass a balanced exploration of abortion pros and cons, introducing the common post-abortion issues, and the trauma associated with both medication and surgical procedures. Delve into the lifecycle of an abortion decision, the emotional impact of ultrasound scans, and address past abortion experiences when client is considering another. Additionally, explore aspects such as abortion anesthesia and pain management, and transitioning clients to abortion recovery programs.

This workshop serves as a valuable resource for understanding the motivations and influences behind abortion decisions and providing support towards life-affirming choices for unplanned pregnancies.

Pregnancy Center Leadership – Wrap-Around Care Model – Part 2 of 2 – Jessica Deece

Join us for Part 2 of the Wrap-Around Ministry Model workshop, where we delve into essential elements for comprehensive support. These elements include:

  • Baby Boutique and Subscription Boxes: Learn how to create a welcoming Baby Boutique offering vital resources for expectant parents. Explore implementing Subscription Box services tailored to each stage of pregnancy and early parenthood for long-term engagement.
  • Thrive-Life Coaching: Discover transformative coaching principles empowering personal growth. Explore integrating coaching into pregnancy support services to enhance emotional resilience.
  • Onsite/Offsite Mentoring: Gain insights into building supportive relationships, navigating coordination, and integrating spiritual care.
  • Individualized Care Plans: Recognize the importance of tailored support services for each client while optimizing resources.
  • Implementing Comprehensive Support: Explore effective staffing and organizational strategies for seamless integration.

Do not miss this opportunity to enhance your center’s impact. Join us to empower individuals and families on their pregnancy journey.

Workshop C Sessions – Friday, October 11 – 10:30-11:45 a.m.

Retreat Healing Class (Green Room) – Melissa Horton & Bettina Loughman 

Abortion Recovery – “Unlocking Retreat Success: Essential Tools and Techniques”Karen Fifer

Join Karen Fifer as she delves into the comprehensive resources of The Her Choice to Heal Retreat Leader’s Manual and the Weathering the Storm Retreat Manual. This workshop equips you to effortlessly guide women’s retreats using the Her Choice to Heal Retreat Workbook. Discover how to seamlessly integrate Ramah International’s Weathering the Storm retreat for those coping with miscarriage or infant loss. Explore:

  • Initial attendee interviews
  • Effective promotion strategies
  • Essential administrative forms
  • Detailed schedules and meal plans
  • Supply lists and teaching guides
  • Recovery guidelines and retreat goals
  • Identifying hidden agendas
  • Facilitating meaningful discussions
  • Detailed healing activities
  • Scripture integration

This guide ensures a seamless retreat experience, providing newfound confidence for both seasoned facilitators and newcomers to the format. Join us and unlock the full potential of your retreat leadership journey.

Abortion Vulnerable – How Culture Influences an Abortion DecisionSydna Masse, Jessica Deece, and Melissa Rodriguez

This workshop delves into how culture, encompassing beliefs, traditions, and societal norms, profoundly shapes abortion decisions. Explore how cultural perspectives, including sexuality and religion, impact individuals’ choices. Delve into diverse religious and ethical considerations within cultural contexts. Analyze the influence of stigma, societal pressures, and community expectations on abortion attitudes. Understand how cultural support systems and interpersonal relationships affect decision-making processes. Recognize the intersectionality of race, ethnicity, and socio-economic status in shaping abortion experiences. Join us for an enlightening exploration of how culture shapes one of life’s most complex decisions and gain insights to better communicate and support clients in this journey.

Pregnancy Center Leadership – Faith-Fueled Fundraising: A Guide for Pregnancy Centers – Becky Anderson

Discover how God’s provision shapes our mission during this workshop. Embrace your unique traits—like introversion—as strengths in advocating for our cause. Becky Anderson, ED of Verity Pregnancy and Medical Resource Center, will explore effective banquet planning, from choosing dates and venues, the impactful use of client testimonials on video, online registration and much more.

Learn why Verity PMC evolved from walk events to more engaging fundraisers like the baby-bottle campaign, connecting deeply with local churches and managing coordination seamlessly for maximum impact. This session will guide you through the essentials, including donation processing and partnership with churches, ensuring a streamlined approach to community engagement.

Also addressed are overcoming community challenges, turning criticism and/or disparaging remarks into opportunities for growth and unity.

Join us to empower your center with strategies that blend faith, community, and practical wisdom, creating a lasting impact on those we serve.

Workshop D Sessions – Friday, October 11 – 2:00-3:15 p.m.

Retreat Healing Class (Green Room) – Melissa Horton & Bettina Loughman 

Abortion Recovery Track – Honoring Life: Transformative Healing in Abortion Recovery – Karen Fifer

The journey of healing after an abortion focuses deeply on the wounded soul, guiding individuals through the process of acknowledging and grieving the life lost. This workshop introduces the concept of an honoring service—a powerful ritual that helps rewrite a woman’s story of abortion by dignifying the memory of the children lost, in the presence of their Creator. Participants will explore methods to conduct these services, designed to foster closure, restore joy, and promote peace. Join us to learn how to support women in finding healing and renewal through compassionate, spiritually enriching practices.

Abortion Vulnerable – Adoption Redefined – Sydna Masse, Hannah & Marlene Strege

Pregnancy Center Leadership – Adoption Redefined – Sydna Masse, Hannah & Marlene Strege

This session will challenge the common misconceptions that adoption is a secondary choice for families seeking to expand. It also examines the role of pregnancy centers in encouraging adoption among clients and donors. It will delve into the diverse landscape of adoption and encouraging embryo adoption in your local community.

Gain insights into the demographic profile of children awaiting adoption both nationally and internationally, explore the complexities behind the decisions of couples and individuals who opt out of adoption. This workshop fosters an adoption-positive environment, introducing inclusive language and shedding light on the significance of Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) and attachment theory in the post-adoption journey. Join us as we champion the belief that adoption is a journey of equal worth and profound fulfillment.

Workshop E Sessions – Saturday, October 12 – 9:15 – 10:30 a.m.

Retreat Healing Class (Green Room) – Melissa Horton & Bettina Loughman 

Abortion Recovery Track – Empowering Your Ministry: Leveraging the Ramah Institute and Her Choice to Heal Websites – Sydna Masse

In today’s digital age, ministries have unique opportunities to connect, engage, and support their communities online. Join us for an enlightening workshop where Sydna Massé explores the invaluable resources provided by the Ramah Institute and Her Choice to Heal websites.

Participants will delve into the myriad ways these platforms can enrich and fortify their ministry efforts. From accessing insightful articles and guides to fostering meaningful discussions on sensitive topics, the Ramah Institute equips ministries with a wealth of knowledge. training and tools to navigate contemporary challenges relating to pre and post abortion work.

We will explore how the website offers compassionate support and healing resources for individuals navigating the complexities of post-abortion experiences. By harnessing the guidance and materials provided by this platform, ministries can extend a nurturing hand to those in need, fostering a local culture of empathy and restoration.

Attendees will gain invaluable insights into leveraging these websites to enhance outreach, deepen relationships, and cultivate a more inclusive and supportive ministry environment.

Abortion Vulnerable Track – Determining Level of Client Vulnerability/Lifecycle of Abortion – Karen Fifer

In the delicate environment of pregnancy centers, it is uncommon for women to explicitly express contemplation of abortion. Often, even those who initially resolve to carry to term can find themselves facing unexpected vulnerabilities in choosing abortion. This workshop explores the concept of universal abortion vulnerability, emphasizing the importance of treating each client with the understanding that she may face intense external pressures or challenging prenatal diagnoses in the future.

Participants will learn strategies to effectively support and empower their clients, reducing the impact of external influences and fostering resilience against the pressures that may arise after leaving the center. Join us to enhance your approach in providing compassionate, informed care to every woman you serve.

Pregnancy Center Leadership – Holistic Strategies for Personnel Management, Board Dynamics and Succession – Becky Anderson & Jessica Deece

Join our Leadership Workshop for pregnancy center and abortion recovery ministries. Discover holistic strategies for personnel management, board dynamics, and leadership succession with faith-based guidance. Select staff who align with mission values, handle transitions gracefully, and foster growth and accountability. Address gossip with trust and humility, navigate adversity with unity and faith. Harmonize board dynamics and enhance effectiveness through clarity and humility. Prepare for the future by identifying and nurturing emerging leaders rooted in faith. Strengthen your ministry’s foundation and ensure a flourishing future with purposeful succession planning grounded in divine guidance.