Keynote Sessions

Engaging Abortion’s Wounded Hearts in a Post-Roe Era – Join Sydna Massé as she delivers a compelling opening keynote that navigates the transformed landscape of abortion recovery and pregnancy center efforts in the wake of the 2022 Roe v. Wade reversal. This keynote sheds light on the history of pregnancy center/abortion recovery ministries, highlighting the shifts in approach and perspective on medication abortion usage in a post-Roe world. Sydna discusses the future of global abortion recovery outreach, the changing dynamics, and how these shifts impact those affected by or considering abortion.

Forgiveness: Breaking the Chains – Sydna Massé will share an intensely personal narrative of resilience and redemption from her own abortion recovery journey. This extraordinary journey led her to the path of forgiving the notorious murderer, Jennifer Reali, amidst her 1992 trial for the murder of Dianne Hood, Sydna’s dear friend and neighbor. This keynote encapsulates Sydna’s unique relationship with both women before their deaths. It’s a story of loss, forgiveness, and unexpected friendship that transcends earthly boundaries. It explores how this tragic event was instrumental in shaping various dimensions of her work in the field of abortion recovery. It is a testament to how, during heartbreak, God can illuminate a path towards healing and forgiveness.

Ministering to Abortion’s Extended Wounded –The ripple effects of abortion touch every life, often unbeknownst to those affected. This keynote, featuring Karen Fifer & Sydna Massé, unveils Ramah International’s new studies: Boundless Light: Healing Broken Relationships After Abortion, and Legacy Lost: Healing Abortion’s Heartache in Grandparents.Women are not the sole bearers of the wounds resulting from an abortion decision. Men, grandparents, siblings (of the aborted child and the post-abortive individual), as well as friends and family can also be profoundly affected, especially if they were involved in this choice. This keynote features the personal experiences of both speakers and how the impact of someone else’s abortion impacted their lives.

Wolve’s Breath: Understanding Spiritual Conflict Within Our Midst –This keynote, presented by Sydna Massé, is designed to equip emerging leaders with a deeper understanding of the biblical underpinnings of spiritual warfare and how it affects their ministerial endeavors. Utilizing Biblical references to the “fruits of the spirit,” the discussion provides guidance on how to identify and neutralize potential threats to your ministry, enabling preemptive action to prevent undermining of your efforts. The aim is to enhance your discernment in safeguarding the “lambs” that God places within our ministry spheres, as well as addressing the spiritual warfare often directed at the personal lives of those involved in this effort.

In-depth Q&A Sessions – The conference team will address questions that have been submitted before or during the conference in this concluding keynote. This interactive keynote provides more details/discussion on various abortion recovery topics and provides comprehensive answers to the questions raised by attendees.